Dream Princess Wedding 


Fairy Tale Wedding 

We have all dreamed of having the perfect fairy tale wedding since we were little girls. Some of us choose to change these dreams when we come to actually planning the wedding. Some may want a simple destination wedding that is more private and intimate. Others will want the most extravagant ball gown, with the perfect wedding venue. No matter what kind of wedding you decide to have, I am sure you are marrying your prince charming. With that being said, if you are someone who wants the full princess wedding, a location like the above picture is perfect. Nothing is more princess like than getting married in front or in a castle. Of course, a big ball gown dress will give the full Cinderella effect, but there are multiple princesses with different styles for a reason. If you want a big cathedral veil, go for it! The best thing about a veil is the ability to remove and put on for different looks in different pictures. Be yourself and design your wedding to encompass all of our dreams and desires. Whatever you decide to go with will be perfect as long as it makes you happy! Thats the reason we are all here right? -xoxo 



When you find your perfect wedding dress it  leaves a lasting impression on your heart from

the day you put it on until forever.

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